Fashion forward. Award winning. Dallas based.

This country was built on grit. Sweat. Hard days and long nights. Built by those who weren’t afraid of failure as it only drove their desire to try harder next time. Never focusing on what couldn’t be done, but what is possible. By individuals with a “can do” attitude, brought together from a wide range of backgrounds, to build what previously could only be dreamt. Dreams that stretched our country from coast to coast, that traversed canyons and bore through mountains, that dug tunnels under ground and reached beyond the clouds. It was built by those who made this country great. 

Today, there is a NEW Made in America. Built by those that believe that our best days aren’t behind us, they are just in front of us. Within reach for those strong and daring enough to stretch their arms out just a bit farther. Those who seek not to simply rebuild, but to reinvent, re-imagine, and reclaim what we can be as individuals, working together to accomplish our hopes and dreams. 

The manufacturers, innovators, craftsmen who are on a constant mission to one up the day before. Bigger, Better, Bolder than before. . . It is in their spirit that we introduce André Phillipe. Born in America. Dreamt in America. Built in America. 

Created by two men who not only don’t fit “the mold”, but are breaking it. One, born in the heart of Texas, raised by a middle class family, sacrificing for those around him. The other, born to a blue class family in a challenging neighborhood of a New Jersey city, but never seeing his surroundings as an excuse. Two men brought together by their faith. By a love of tradition, and timeless style. And by a need to challenge the status quo. 

Mixing tattoos with tailored suits. Zeppelin with Jay Z. Cuff links and Chuck Taylors. Their style isn’t for the shy, it is for the clients that want to turn heads. #BeSpokenOf isn’t a tagline, it is a rally cry. Made with the finest materials, with signature details, by craftsmen who give a damn, because it is the only way that they know how.